What is a contiguous piled wall?
Contiguous piling consists of a series of cylindrical piles with gaps of usually of 50mm to 150mm between them. The piles are made of concrete, with or without a casing for added strength.

What is an auger screw?
An auger screw is a flanged drill which penetrates the ground and lifts the soil up the screw on the flanges. The same principle is used in screw conveyors for industrial machinery.

What is a contiguous piling rig?
Piling machines are known as rigs. Contiguous piling rigs are based on an auger screw which drills down into the ground and removes soil to create a cylindrical cavity. Rigs may include buckets and conveyors to remove the soil from the immediate site.

What is a rotary piling rig?
A rotary piling rig is based on an auger screw and is suitable for drilling larger piles and working in hard ground and rock. Rotary piling will meet the challenges presented by almost any ground conditions.

What is a CFA rig?
A CFA (continuous flight auger) rig pumps in concrete through a central tube at the same time as it drills out soil with the auger screw. It is a highly efficient and cost effective piling technique for softer ground.

When is contiguous piling required?

Contiguous piling is the appropriate technique for multiple construction projects including:
• Basement extensions
• New basements
• Sloping sites
• Support and soil retention for neighbouring sites
• Cuttings for rail and road
• Below ground tanks and vessels