At Performance Foundations we like to rise to the challenge and one project recently had us scratching our heads to find a way round some of the ‘watery’ obstacles it presented.

A company called Builders Beams, which provides steelwork for the building and construction industry, asked us to help them with a client who had a boat on the Thames which traded as a restaurant and bar called Tamesis Dock at White Hart Dock, London.

The restaurant had been successfully operating for some time, however, the tide was providing them with some serious issues. When the tide was low the boat sat awkwardly at an angle in the shingle, which was not only damaging the boat, but also made eating difficult for diners too!

Builders Beams had been asked to provide the boat with a steel framework for it to sit in, however, they needed someone to provide complete the groundwork and foundations. They selected Performance Foundations, as we were able to use our many years of experience to provide a solution to the daily challenges provided by the changing tide.

The answer was that we worked in 6 hour shifts over a period of 4 days so as to make the most of the tide being out to work hard and fast to get the groundworks completed. All of the plant machinery and equipment had to be craned over the wall for each shift and the concrete pads which were needed for the steel framework, were pre-made in our Haywards Heath workshop and then transported to site, as casting onsite was not an option.

The project was completed on-time, on-budget and the client is delighted now that their restaurant is on safer and somewhat sturdier ground.