As piling experts in Southern England, we provide piling services to homes and businesses across both East and West Sussex.

We have a range of piling equipment to suit your project, from mini piling rigs which are best suited for manoeuvring into and around smaller areas with restricted access. This makes them ideal for reinforced concrete rafts/slabs, ground beams or even swimming pools with piled foundations.

Our mini piling rigs are also effective when subsidence occurs as they can be used when underpinning and installing contiguous piled walls with capping beams.

We also then have larger piling rigs which are versatile but more suited to constructing ground beams and reinforced concrete rafts/slabs with piled foundations for houses of any size, commercial/residential buildings or even entire housing estates.

Our piling services include:

  • Piling and Mini Piling
  • Auger Bored Piling
  • Bottom Driven Piling
  • Contiguous Walls

Also, if you require any foundations work, our sister company, Performance Foundations can provide you with the following: walls, R.C retaining walls, ground beams and slabs, and underpinning. Performance Foundations also installs driveways.

For more information about our Piling services in Sussex, contact us here today at Performance Piling on 01444 411114 or email us.