Piling Construction Services


Piling is a specialist building skill that’s essential for construction projects of all kinds. Performance Foundations is a leading piling specialist based in Sussex, and operating throughout London and the South-East. We have over 45 years’ piling experience and have a successful track record of working on individual buildings and larger scale developments.

We are piling contractors, this is our area of expertise. We can provide any foundation system you need for your property with our wide range of piling services across Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Kent, London and Southern England. We regularly service commercial projects, such as, providing the foundations for warehousing, offices, hotels, as well as domestic projects, including foundations for houses, small extensions, conservatories, garden offices.

As piling and foundation contractors, we enjoy an excellent reputation for providing piling solutions under difficult operational conditions and we utilise a range of specialist technical tools and equipment, including our mini piling rig which has its own separate power pack which enables us to work in restricted areas (see auger bored mini piling below). We use driven tubular steel piles, augered piles, CFA (continuous flight auger) piles or hollow stem piles and we can deliver the most cost-effective solution to meet your budget and construction needs.

As a specialist piling contractor, when there is restricted access to a site or limited space, we can provide you with auger bored mini piling which helps us to undertake foundation work, drilling, grouting and ground anchor contracts using compact piling equipment and drilling systems that have been specifically developed for this purpose.

Mini piling can be carried out in situations where there is restricted access, low headroom, and limited working space, and where ground conditions are difficult. Mini piling applications include:

  • Housing
  • Industrial structures
  • New foundations
  • Upgrading of existing floor slabs
  • Slope stabilisation
At Performance Foundations we recommend Bottom Driven Piling when there is, poor ground conditions, the piles need to carry high loads and deep foundations are not possible.

Bottom driven piling is where close ended thin walled steel lining tubes are pile driven in lengths using a cylindrical drop hammer operating within a casing striking a dry mix concrete plug. The steel tubes are typically 2 to 3 meters in length and are joined by full fillet welding as installation proceeds. The bottom driven piles are installed to a predetermined set or depth depending on design criteria and single bar or cage reinforcement are introduced and the bottom drilling pile casings are in-filled using workable high strength concrete or grout.

This method of piling has a number of advantages, not only is it a quick and efficient form of piling, but it also is:

  • More economical, mobile and yet still powerful
  • There is low noise and low vibration impact on the environment
  • No spoil needs to be removed
  • Minimal site preparation is needed
  • It can be installed successfully into most ground conditions including peats, soft clay and loose sand where some other techniques are inappropriate
  • Bottom driven piles are self-testing when driven to set
  • Permanent casing prevents any risk of concrete/grout loss thus ensuring pile integrity
  • Concreting in the dry in a single operation to a controllable level
  • Good axial and shear capacity
As piling and groundwork specialists we offer a range of walls for you to choose from, including:

This is a widely used form of construction where contiguous walls are constructed with small spaces between adjacent piles where the size of the space is determined by the nature and condition of the soil. As piling contractors, here at Performance Foundations we use this method of piling on projects, such as:

  • The safe excavation of basements
  • Ground stabilisation work (such as working on a hill or incline) or when you need to ensure that you maintain the ground where there is an adjoining property

This is due to the fact that the main advantage of this system is that it does not cause vibration which can destabilise existing structures.

We use two methods of bored piling techniques for contiguous piled walls, CFA and rotary. Where the available working area dictates that basement excavation faces must be vertical, these two techniques provide special advantages. Both methods are technically effective and are a cost effective method of providing temporary or permanent means of retaining the sides of bulk excavations, even in water bearing strata.

Contiguous piled walls can be designed to accommodate vertical loads in addition to horizontal forces when they are used in permanent works and the construction techniques for both methods are the same as for foundation bearing piles.

Retaining walls are built in order to hold back ground and stabilise slopes so as to provide useful areas at different levels of elevation, such as, a terrace or building. As piling and groundwork experts we will install a reinforced concrete wall when there is no access restriction to the site and an area can be safely excavated, otherwise we would install a contiguous piled wall.


We can provide you with traditional or piled ground beams for any building project you may have, such as, an extension, single plot or multiple plots. By having ground beams installed you can improve construction programmes by reducing poor ground conditions.

Ground Beams are designed to support brick/blockwork or to form a permanent shutter to the edge of insitu concrete floor slab. The amount of reinforcement introduced into the design will be used to suit specific loading requirements and the beams can be designed to withstand any heave forces with the use of void forming or compressible materials.

Installation may require piling, then once that is complete we excavate the ground to a width and depth required by your design or shuttered above ground. Reinforcement is then placed and the pile reinforcement tied into the ground beam. After inspection by the relevant authorities the beam will be concreted.


In situations where industrial floors and yards are subject to excessive loading, we can improve the loadbearing properties of the surface by pile insertion. This is a quick and clean process and causes minimal disruption to your business.

As piling and groundwork contractors, we are often required to provide underpinning. Underpinning is the process of strengthening and stabilising the foundation of a building or structure and our teams are well trained and widely experienced in this construction technique.

Underpinning involves extending the foundation so that it rests on a more supportive soil stratum or distributes its load across a greater area, and it may be necessary for a variety of reasons:

  • The original foundation is not strong or stable
  • The use of the building has changed
  • The properties within the soil supporting the foundation have changed (e.g. through subsidence)
  • The construction of nearby structures means that excavating the soil supporting the existing foundations is needed
  • It is may be more economical to improve the buildings current foundation than to build a new one

The vast bulk of underpinning projects involve partial works only. Total underpinning may be performed when an entire building is found to be settling, perhaps on soft ground or made ground, or when an additional storey is to be added to a building.

Traditional underpinning works have been carried out for many years by Performance Foundations and include pad and beam pin piling and grouting.

What do you need from a piling construction company?

A lot hangs on choosing a piling construction company. If piling work doesn’t meet the standards of building inspectors, construction projects can go badly, expensively –and even dangerously –wrong.

As professional piling experts, we’re proud of the many projects we have completed with national housebuilders, commercial developers, local authorities and private clients. We tailor our approach to every individual project, and in all cases provide:

  • Expertise in all different types of piling

  • The ability to work on straightforward and challenging sites

  • The right equipment and manpower

  • Effective working with main contractors, civil engineers and architects

  • Work completed to budget and on time

  • A commitment to on-site health and safety

Piling Services

We offer a complete range of piling services, including specialist services such as mini-piling for sites with limited access. We are on hand to advise clients on the right piling solution for any project, taking full account of ground conditions, neighbouring properties, party walls and trees.

Most projects involve our groundworks team who carry out excavations and site clearance. We remove unwanted soil and rubble using mechanical equipment or even hand digging and barrows if necessary. We construct retaining walls as needed from concrete or metal sheeting to hold back the ground or stabilise slopes. Our piling rigs will drive piles into the site, usually using auger boring, and we will construct the supporting structure for above-ground building work. Once signed off after inspection we hand over to builders and contractors responsible for the next stage of the project.