Contiguous Piling & Pile Walls

Contiguous piled wall projects are among the specialist piling and groundwork services we provide at Performance Foundations for domestic and commercial clients in London and the South East. We mainly use contiguous piling for basements, sloping sites and other ground stabilisation requirements.

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We’re the trusted contiguous piled wall specialist in London and Sussex

We work on a range of domestic and commercial piling projects. Our professional and experienced team of piling contractors and civil engineers offer a range of piling services, including:

What is Contiguous Piling?

Contiguous piled walls consist of a continuous line of piles separated by a small space. The piles are created by using an auger to remove the soil and to fill the resulting cylindrical hole with concrete. The size of the space between piles is determined by the nature and condition of the soil.

What are the uses of contiguous piling?

At Performance Foundations we use this method of piling for various projects including:

  • Safe excavation of basements
  • Stabilisation of slopes and inclines
  • Rail and road cuttings
  • Underground tanks
  • Maintenance of ground of an adjoining property

What are the advantages of contiguous piling?

The main advantage of contiguous piled walls is that they do not cause vibration, an issue which can destabilise existing structures. By contrast, impact pile driving creates vibrations that run through the surrounding ground and neighbouring structures.

In addition, contiguous piling makes far less noise, and is a very cost effective solution.

What are the types of contiguous piling?

We use two methods of bored pile techniques for contiguous piled walls:

  • CFA (continuous flight auger) piling removes soil with an auger while at the same time concrete is pumped through the auger’s hollow centre.
  • Rotary piling removes soil with an auger, a reinforcing structure is inserted followed by poured concrete.

Both bored pile methods are technically effective, and can be used when the available working area means that excavation must be vertical. They are a temporary or permanent means of retaining the sides of bulk excavations, even in water bearing strata, and use the same techniques as foundation bearing piles. In permanent installations, contiguous piles can be designed to bear horizontal as well as vertical loads.