Concrete is one of most widely used construction materials there is and yet failure to test samples correctly can result in the need to spend even more money on building projects, which can be very expensive.?

Performance Piling uses concrete supplies from quality-approved suppliers who carry out the required cube testing to verify the strength of their products. However, if clients wish us to do so, we can carry out cube testing and sampling to provide reassurance and quality control.

Concrete cube testing measures the compressible cube strength of concrete used for foundations, columns, beams and floors and other construction purposes. Cube testing is required to show that the strength of the concrete relates directly to the design strength specified by the designer.

Concrete used for cube testing is usually sampled after the first metre of concrete has been poured to make sure a good sample is taken, and usually a minimum of three cubes are taken.

The cubes are uniquely identified, labelled and tracked. They are covered in a damp cloth, and stored in a dry, temperature-controlled environment for 16-72 hours, usually being removed from the moulds after 24 hours before being placed in a curing tank.

They are generally tested after seven and 28 days, unless otherwise specified, using a calibrated compression machine. The compression machine exerts pressure on the cubes until they fail and the reading at the failure is the maximum compression strength of the concrete.

Concrete cube testing is governed by the standards set by the?British Standards Institute?and/or client in-house specifications.

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