Ground anchors and soil nails are commonly used to stabilise slopes and excavations, generally along with other geo-technical products.

In addition, Performance Piling’s range of ground anchors and fittings offers one of the best currently available systems for securing outdoor products directly to the ground. No concrete or special tools are required.

As an example of where ground anchors can be used, we can use our restricted access equipment to provide anchors to support retaining walls. Using ground anchors in such situations reduces the need for pile sizes, which can potentially increase the basement size and reduce the costs.

Ground anchors are formed using high-strength steel bars which are then embedded to a predetermined depth. Grout is used to bond the anchor to the soil. Reduced wall settlements can be achieved by pre-stressing the anchor before the basement is excavated.

Ground anchors can be used for:

  • Securing play equipment
  • Small wooden buildings
  • Park or garden benches
  • Sheds
  • Gazebos
  • Greenhouses
  • Picnic tables
  • Rabbit hutches and kennels
  • Street furniture
  • Supporting trees
  • Securing municipal equipment such as bins, seating and more

At Performance Piling our many years of experience mean that we know how to install our secure anchors in all types of soil conditions, and grounds (such as hard compacted ground, ground with large stones, tarmac, buried bricks, clay, chalk and more).

Our products are safe and secure, and we will be able to install the ground anchor quickly and cost-effectively for you. Our ground anchors are reusable and easy to remove, should the situation require it.

If you are looking for an expert ground anchor installation contractor in Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Kent, London or Southern England, please contact us here at Performance Piling today on 01444 411114 or email us and let us come and provide you with a free site survey or quote.